World Gone Wrong

by Barbarian

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2011 demo


released June 1, 2011



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Track Name: Barbarian - World Gone Wrong
keep your head up
be strong
these words mean nothing in a world gone completely wrong
they'll hold your head beneath the water
so your alone with your thoughts while your drowning
pull the rope when your falling
i can can hear him
deaths calling me
and the choir sings
but they aint singing my song
im not through
im not ready to die
im not done fucking up my life
clench your fists, put them to this earth for not preparing you on whats to come. all the lonely nights, and self loathing because everything comes at a price we are not willing to pay.
keep your head up
they say be strong
your words mean nothing
in this world gone completely wrong
Track Name: Bed of Nails
with words like knives
you stab the best of me till im dead
if i could turn it around, i'd make you choke on all that was said
leave you gasping for breath
while you choke on the corruption
realize my pain
feel your heart sink to the bottom of your stomach
while i lay you down on a bed of nails
my cruel intentions
will leave you unable to speak
let your eyes roll to the back of your head
ill haunt you when your dead
ill leave you gasping for breath
while you choke on the corruption
that made me loose my self
now you realize my pain
Track Name: Barbarian - War Torn
i can feel the light dimming
where all the warmth use to stay
there is nothing left to change
i know that its me
i can feel it
i can feel it rising
can you feel all this hostility?
i cant shake this weight
these blackened skies wont clear
how many time will the demons find their way to the inside
there is no end in sight
no choice but to face this
swallow a lifetime of pride or erase this
whats worse then having someone turn their back on you?
having your fucking mind play tricks on you
Track Name: Barbarian - Curses
this constant struggle is killing me
persistent torture from this never ending tragedy
ill bury myself in time
im not done trying to figure out if this is all worth dying for
ill cover myself in doubt
this is all never ending
consumed by hatred
this life pulls me six feet deep
to hide me away from existence
tossing and turning for all the times that ive cared
ive cared for nothing
let the exhaustion soak in on these lungs that wont stop breathing
on this heart that wont stop beating
sick from this disease
ill fucking curse humanity
Track Name: Barbarian - Fire & Brimstone
lines are crossed where insanity meets reality
and im alone with my mind again tonight
with these thoughts that got me thinking im burning
trapped in hell
what is it to feel whole again
feel the sun
the warmth on my skin
happiness was taken from me
replaced with this empty, hollow feeling
they say ive lost my way
ive accepted the outcome
forever damned
let the fire burn out of control
until my love for everyone dissolves
and im left with a bitter sweet taste of this world gone wrong