DEMO 14'

by BarbarianTX

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released August 10, 2014



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Track Name: Disciple
you turned your back
when i needed you
left me for dead
left me to bury myself
im suffocating
this life is fading faster
learn to breathe in complete disaster

never keeping any of your preaching
pollution is all that you have been teaching

id be lying if i said
that you were the first
but many before you have
left me dead beneath the dirt

cast aside, lead a stray, disowned, all alone
i learned to stand on my own
Track Name: Sealed Fate
weld this cage shut
i'd rather be alone than around anyone else
i got this weight pulling me down
tired of being chained to the ground
the nature of the beast
stirrs the storm
out of control

leave me vast
leave me empty

lie and wait for these vultures to tear me apart
flesh from the bone
the rest left to rot
until not even the soul remains

desert cemetery

another carcass spread out across the road
removed from the cycle
forever, forevermore

entombed, a prison of all these memories
dig deep to find there is nothing buried beneath
release me
set me free
Track Name: Land of the Forsaken
thrown out into the night from the sky
for the lack of room there is in heaven
sentenced to spend my time
with the illness' of man
try and drown out the sound
for the way they speak is twisted
they'll make you feel like you're nothing
the worst that ever existed

im at the gates looking in
waiting for apocalypse
young, wild, and reckless

in the land of the forsaken
in swinging hammers and chains

ill cripple your life
take everything from you
im sick in the head
nothing compared to what you do
pushed over the edge
your judgement on me
will fucking bury you